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  • 2013-06-11 04:02

One Piece VS Naruto Descrição do Jogo: One Piece VS Naruto, character updates to 15, assistance to 9, three to three mode. increased the character Itachi and Konan, as well as Sasuke and ferret shall Zuo, wei Ming eight tail Bisha. Fierce fighting, cool moves, one piece and Naruto to duke it out.

click Select mode [1p game / computer / 2p game / practice mode] and press the WASD key to select characters, press J to confirm (2p game,press the arrow keys to select character,1 key to confirm) - at last character sequence by pressing the AD key, press J to confirm (2p mode ,click ←→ to select the character sequence, press 1 key to confirm ←→) to start the game


S:defense,J:attack /confirm,K:jump&#6 5292;L:sprint,U:fa r attack ,I:Bisha,O: seek help


move,↓:defen se,1:attack/confir m,2:jump,3:

sprint,4:far attack,5:Bisha&#65 292;6:seek help。


I+three lattice anger(big Bisha),or ↓+1,↑+

1,↓+4,↑+4&#65 292;↑+5+three lattice anger(big Bisha)。
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